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Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Pennygrab, Inc

Excavation & Trenching

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Address: 5445 Oceanus Drive, Ste 102, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

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What we do

PennyGrab Auctions are a new and exciting way to win items you would typically spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on through traditional shopping methods. Our #1 goal with PennyGrab was to stand out from the rest of the competition and provide more savings, fun, and an awesome user experience.
With PennyGrab Auctions, you initially purchase what we call a "Credit Pack". After you have purchased your credits, you can then use those credits to place bids on the items that interest you the most.
With most Bidding Sites on the web, you have to constantly be watching 2 things. First, monitor and take notes on who is bidding on the same item. Second, watch the timer and make sure you constantly are monitoring how much time is left. We here at differ, there is no timer in the majority of our auctions. Our auctions can end within seconds with our Blitz feature. (We do have timer auctions called Fire Grabs Penny Auctions which utilize timers. Watch our video to find out more information.
As our Members place their bids on the items they want, the price goes up by .01ยข (one penny) until the Hidden Random Reserve price is met. Whoever matches the randomly generated reserve price which we call "Deal Price" with their bid, WINS that item!

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